School and Group Visits:

Looking for an exciting field trip for your students? Whether you’re supplementing a Gymnastics Phys-Ed unit, or your class has earned a fun outing, SSMGC is geared to help you reach your learning outcomes! We can’t wait!

We offer exciting gymnastics classes for your class! Students will get to bounce on our trampolines, jump into the foam pits, swing on the bars and test their balance on the beams! Field trips can be booked from Monday to Friday 9:30-11:00 a.m, 11:15-12:45, and 1:00-2:30. Times of programs may be altered to accommodate travel and dismissal times.

Each session will begin with an introduction to the facility and safety awareness. There is a boot/shoe area for the students. There are two change rooms, one for boys and one for girls, inside the gym. There are washrooms within the gym as well.

Your Visit will begin with a Group Warm-Up.  Once warmed-up children will play a group game. From there they will be grouped by age and will have the opportunity to develop their skills with gymnastics circuits that will be based on the philosophy of Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals.

The children will be encouraged to run, jump, balance, stretch and increase their coordination.  Depending on the group this may be more or less intense but the Coach will always assess the group and execute the activity based on ability and development.  Apparatus such as beam, trampoline, rings, parallel bars and high bar will be part of the circuits, when appropriate.

SSMGC is dedicated to every child’s development of health, strength, focus, sense of responsibility, self esteem and happiness while focusing on their physical skill development and cognitive abilities.

Group Rates are based on minimum 8 participants, up to a maximum of 60 per group visit. Each class is allowed up to four visits per year. The cost per student for 1.5 hour is $12.00

Please contact the Sault Ste. Marie Gymnastics Club office at 705-254-2259 for more information. See you soon!

Field Trip Guidelines

  • Maximum group size is 60 kids.
  • It is helpful to the coaches if the students are wearing name tags when they come.
  • If a child has an aid in school, the aid should also be in the gym to help the child.
  • Absolutely no siblings allowed in the gym with the class.
  • The coaches reserve the right to ask teachers to help in the gym.
  • The students can use the change rooms if they need to get changed. They need to wear appropriate clothing. That can be shorts and shirt, body suit, sweatpants etc. (No jeans or hoodies)
  • Bare feet only in the gym.
  • No jewellery.
  • Long hair needs to be tied up.
  • The students line up and wait for the coach to let them into the gym.
  • Class always starts with a warm up that consists of running and stretching.
  • NO FLIPPING during field trips.
  • The purpose of the gymnastics program is to ensure that children have FUN, gain FITNESS and learn the FUNDAMENTALS of gymnastic

FUN: Continuous activity, success, challenge/discovery.

FITNESS: Flexibility, Strength and power, endurance, spatial orientation, balance.

FUNDAMENTALS: Landings, static positions, locomotions, swings, rotations, springs.

Physical education is an essential part of any school program to encourage a lifetime of healthy living.

At SSMGC we provide your students with an active, fun-filled, educational experience through our certified staff and a variety of circuit activities that will improve overall fitness, self-esteem, and social skills!

Instructional activities are designed to meet the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Expectations.