Board of Directors:

President: Anna Paquin

Vice President: Melanie Mattilla


Secretary: Jannah Nadon


  • Anna-Liisa Erkkila
  • Michelle Foltz
  • Tammy Stefanizzi
  • Mindy Rooney

The role of the SSMGC Board of Directors is to support the management of the recreational and competitive gymnastics programming and the day to day activities of the club.

The Board formulates, approves, directs and establishes all matters of policy, procedures, budgeting and planning.  The Board formulates and approves a general club plan for the season, along with long and short-range goals.

The Board meets monthly to set and implement the policies and procedures and track the progress of the long and short-term goals as well as address any concern brought forth by members of the club.

The Board of Directors have the duty to act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the organization.  They must use the care, diligence and skills of reasonably prudent people while performing their roles.  They must also put the interests of the organization before their own private interests and may not use their positions as directors to profit at the organization’s expense.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in June of each year. During this meeting, vacant Board of Director positions will be filled, financial and audited statements will be reviewed, bylaws established or amended and concerns of the members can be brought forth.