Frequently Asked Questions

Is gymnastics right for my child?

Many children enjoy gymnastics. It appeals to their sense of adventure and energy. Some children dedicate themselves to the sport and take their gymnastics to high levels. Others enjoy attending for the fun activities, sociability and ongoing challenges. Gymnastics is an excellent foundation for the fundamental movements of most sports. Some children participate when they are young to create this base and then move on to other sports.

How will gymnastics benefit my child?

There are many articles written on the benefits of gymnastics. Gymnastics can provide your child with numerous physical benefits regardless of their age or ability.  Gymnastics will help increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.  Gymnastics provides cognitive benefits as your child has to visualize the skill in order to be able to do it. Gymnastics provides character benefits as it promotes discipline, determination, courage, and self-confidence. The list of benefits goes on….

Is gymnastics safe?

With proper instruction gymnastics is a very safe sport.  SSMGC promotes an environment of safety and respect for the sport of gymnastics.  We are dedicated to making sure that the fundamental foundation skills are taught to our gymnasts and follow a program that allows for the progression of skills.  All physical activity involves an inherent risk of injury.  We have developed our curriculum to prevent injuries.  By continuously repeating basic skills, more difficult skills can be added safely.

How do I know what class is right for my child?

At SSMGC, we group our recreational athletes by age and not by skill. All of our coaches are trained to work with each athlete at their own level and all athletes will be challenged no matter where they are placed. We want to ensure that every child feels physically challenged yet confident enough to push themselves to develop their skills. Our recreational manager would be happy to help you further. Please email for more information.

How do I know what level to start my child?

Most SSMGC gymnasts will begin at the Burgundy level (Level 1).  If your child has previous gymnastics experience, please call and we can schedule an evaluation to see what level your gymnast should be placed at. SSMGC continuously evaluates our gymnasts and advances those that gain new skills to the next level class.  Every child works at their own pace, some children will progress more quickly than others based on their individual skill set.

How many levels are there?

We have a Parent and Tot program consisting of one levels followed by our Junior Gym for children aged 3. This program has two levels: Junior Gym 1 (Pink) and Junior Gym 2 (Blue). Once a child reaches the age of 4 they begin to follow the Can Gym program. There are 10 levels to the program beginning with Burgundy and ending at Orange. Once a child reaches the age of 6 we split into Boys and Girls programming continuing to follow the Can Gym Program.

What is the best age to start my child in gymnastics?

Any age!  As a parent, you know your child best and you know what they can handle.  SSMGC offers classes from walking to 18 years of age.

What do students do in a class?

Each class follows our curriculum which has it’s foundation in developing basic gymnastics body positions and skills.  Your gymnast will warm up their body at the beginning of class and then depending on the class, move to 5 different rotations on the equipment.

What is a session and why are fees higher for some sessions?

SSMGC offers six session over the course of the year based on seasons: Fall, Early Winter, Winter, Early Spring, Spring and Summer. All of our are 7 weeks in length. The cost of each session depends on the class the child is registered in.

For 2023/2024 the cost of each class, per session is as followed:

1hr Class = $181

1.5hr Class = $202

2hr Class = $216

3hr Class = $230

One to One Adaptive Class= $260

All Taxes Included in Program Fees

How long is each class?

All classes are one hour in length. For gymnasts wishing to do more training and have met the requirements to go into an advanced class they can attend an Advanced class which is 1.5 hours in length, Gym Stars which is 2 hours, or Shooting Stars which is 3 hours.

What is a typical class size?

Classes typically have between 6 and 8 gymnasts. Each program has a athlete to coach ratio.

When can I register my child in an Advanced recreational gymnastics class?

Our Advanced recreational gymnastics classes are designed for athletes who have mastered certain CanGym badge level requirements. These classes provide an additional challenge and longer time length for athletes who have achieved the required badge levels in their age bracket. To register in an advance class gymnasts must have Badge 2 (RED) and/or on the recommendation of a coach. If you wish to place your child in an advanced class they first need to receive the prerequisite badge. If you register your child for an advanced class without the prerequisite badges, the registration will be void and you may risk losing a spot for your child.

My Child has been away from gymnastics for some time. Where should they start?

Returning gymnasts can start where they left off or you can arrange an assessment if you think another level might be suitable. Contact the office for more information.

What is an assessment? Can my child have one?

An assessment can determine what level your child should start or continue in. The assessment lasts 10-15 minutes and is free of charge. Assessments are available for gymnasts who:

  •  Transfer from another gym
  •  Have taught themselves gymnastics
  •  Are identified by their coach as needing an assessment.

Contact the office or email the recreational manager at

Do you offer trial classes before registration?

Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability issues, we do not offer trial classes. Each athlete that enters our gym is required to pay a yearly Gymnastics Ontario Fee, for insurance and liability reasons, along with their registration. Without having paid this yearly fee, children are not allowed to enter the gym in case of an injury or accident.

Can I request a specific coach/teacher?

We will do our best to accommodate you; however, there is no guarantee as staffing decisions are based on scheduling.

My child’s birthday is close to age cut off date. What do I do?

We feel your pain. There is always going to be someone in this situation. You need to wait until your child is the correct age for the class according to the “age-by” date for each session. Contact the Recreational Manager should you require more information at

How do I register?

Registration is done on a first come first serve basis. You can register online through our website as a returning or new client. For brand new clients, click on the “Register” link beside your preferred class day/time and fill out the registration form. For returning clients, please log in to your customer portal and register there to prevent a double portal. If you would prefer to register in person, you may do so at our front desk anytime during our office hours. If you would prefer to register over the phone you may do so by calling the gymnastics club during office hours.  Unfortunately, we are not able to hold/reserve spaces. For assistance, please email us at

How does payment work?

SSMGC accepts both online and offline payments. For those who pay online, fees will be processed through your portal once they have been reviewed.  To view your transaction history with us, please log in to your online customer portal. If paying offline you have to pay at time of registration. We gladly accept payment by cash, Debit, MasterCard or Visa.  Email transfers are also accepted.

What happens if I am waitlisted for a program?

If you are waitlisted for a class, we will contact you if a space becomes available.

What if I can't afford the programs?

JumpStart can assist with fees up to $150 per fiscal year. Applications are available at the Jump Start website. Complete the application form and bring a copy to the office and we can use that for payment or partial payment of your fees.

What should my child wear?

For recreational gymnastics classes, children should wear comfortable clothing. They can wear either shorts and a T-Shirt (something tight fitting so it will not slide over your child’s head if they go upside down), leggings (must not cover foot) or a body suit. Please no sports bras or crop tops. We have gymnastics body suits available for purchase at the office. Bare feet in the gym is required for safety reasons. Hair should be pulled back and no jewelry should be worn.

Why Bare Feet?

Many of the gym surfaces are slippery: bare feet = safety. (If your child has plantar warts or fungus, cover them with a Band-Aid held in place by sports tape.)

Why tie my hair up?

Long hair gets in the way. Not only is it distracting, but can easily fall over the eyes. Gymnasts need to see where they are going at all times.

Do I need hand grips?

Handgrips are not recommended in recreational gymnastics classes. They take a lot of time to put on and they do not prevent rips from the bars.

My child is sick, injured and they cannot continue. Can I get a refund?

Yes. We will need a doctor’s note but please contact the front office. All refunds will incur a $25 administration charge but you will receive the balance of the session back.

My child is not enjoying the classes. Can I get a refund?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied after your child’s first class, we will provide you with a full refund. If you wish to cancel after the second week, no refunds will be granted. All refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee.

Do you do private lessons?

No, we do not offer private lessons for recreational athletes.

What are the rules in the gym?

1. Coaches are in charge of what happens in the gym

2. Pay attention

3. Do not attempt gymnastics skills without permission

4. Always land on your feet unless instructed otherwise

5. Stay with your group

6. Stop immediately when you are asked to

7. Watch out for other people and uneven surfaces

8. Stay out of the gym and off the apparatus unless you are with a coach

Other rules are implicit, according to common sense in a multi-age learning situation; for example no hitting or grabbing, no-name calling, no distracting other gymnasts, no horseplay, no offensive language, and no fighting (even play fighting)

Why does my child’s class appear to do the same thing every week?

Our programs are build around the fundamental gymnastics skills: swing, spring, landings, rotations, stationary positions and locomotion. Before gymnasts learn more advanced skills, they must master the basics-it is a mater of technique and safety. Progression happens in small steps. Basic skills are practiced every class with many repetitions to build fitness, activate body awareness, and turn good techniques into habits. If you observe competitive gymnasts, you will see that they too practice their basic skills every time they are in the gym. It is up to the coach to make the work of repetition seem fun and/or purposeful. If your child’s coach is not conveying this to the your child, bring it up with the coach. All classes follow a schedule set for them by the Recreational Manager. This way, everyone gets to the apparatus they need for the skills that they are working on. It is up to individual coaches to plan their lessons to make the most of the apparatus. One of our missions at SSMGC is to develop coaches. Feedback from participants is one of the ways that coaches learn to be more effective. So please speak to the coach or the Recreational Manager of you have comments, questions or concerns.

My child is not progressing. What do I do?

Maybe they are progressing, but not in a way you or they understand. Talk to the coach, Recreational Assistant or Recreational Manager.

My child has been stuck at the same level for a long time. What do I do?

Gymnasts like to improve and feel that they are working with purpose. Striving for skills is motivating. So what happens when mastering new skills slow down? Talk to the coach and come up with a plan. Sometimes a new focus, or extra practice can make a big difference.

I am not happy with my child’s coach. What do I do?

One of our missions at SSMGC is to develop coaches. Feedback from participants and their parents is one of the ways that coaches can learn to be more effective. We understand that it can be difficult to speak to your child’s coach if you are not happy. We recommend that you speak to the coach first. However, you can also contact the Recreational Manager by email or through the office to schedule a meeting if required. Sometimes a change of coaches is possible, depending on class availability at different days and times.

My child is bored. What do I do?

We do our best to encourage everyone. The more information we have the better. If your child does not like gymnastics in the first place, it can just feel like a lot of work, or perhaps there is something more specific affecting their attitude. Try to find out what is bothering your child and bring it up with the coach.

There is a bully in my child’s class. What do I do?

Bullying is not acceptable. Please speak to any of the SSMGC staff rather than confront the child or their parents directly. If it is happening in front of you and needs to be stopped , any staff member can help you.

What about disabilities, developmental delays, behavioural and physical challenges?

It is very much a part of gymnastics for coaches to adapt and accommodate to individual differences. And we are happy to do it! It is definitely important to inform us before classes start if your child needs accommodations. Please contact the Recreational Manager via email or by phone.

If I miss a class, can I get a credit, or do a make-up lesson?

If you miss a class, we do not give credits or offer make-up lessons. Your registration fee pays for a class spot for the entire session regardless of attendance.

Are parents allowed in the gym?

Parents are not allowed in the gym unless they are part of the Parent and Tot program or an SSMGC approved aide. Please note that for Parent and Tot it is one adult to one child. The adult must be over the age of 18.

Do I have to stay during my child’s class?

We ask that parents drop your child off at the gym before leaving to ensure that classes are not cancelled. Parents of children under the age of 6 are asked to stay on site in case of emergency and to assist children under the age of 4 with bathroom break if needed.

What is Parent’ Day?

The last day of each session is Parents Day. One parent/guardian is allowed on the floor to follow their child through their gymnastics rotation and class. Pictures can be taken but the flash on the camera needs to be off. Please respect the privacy of everyone and only take pictures of your child. Siblings accompanying a parent on the floor cannot be on the equipment. At the end of this class gymnasts will receive their report cards which indicates to parents how the gymnast did throughout the session, what skills have been mastered and what skills still need to be worked on.

What if the gym is closed due to an unforeseen event like bad weather?

There have been occasions when the gym has been closed due to extreme weather, power outages and other unforeseen events. Generally, however, SSMGC does NOT usually close for bad weather. If the gym is closed, our answering machine will have a recording and it will be posted on our website, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, and SooToday. We will also notify you email. In these cases, no make up class or refund will be provided.

Who trains and supervises recreational coaches?

Our coaches are trained and certified through the National Coaching Certification Program through Gymnastics Ontario. All of our coaches have a minimum of Level One (Foundations) and some even go on to get their Level 2 (Competitive). In addition to this certification we are continuously doing regular in house training and staff meetings. Coaches are supervised on the floor by the Recreational Assistant who circulates through classes to check coaches lesson plans and testing and to ensure each class is running smoothly. The Recreational Manager is responsible for the entire program and staff.

How can I contact my child’s coach?

For a quick word, the end of class is the best time. Just wait at the door where gymnasts exit and catch the coach’s attention. For a longer talk, you can arrange in advance: call or email the Recreational Manager to set something up for you. We can often arrange for someone to cover a coach’s warm up so the coach can speak to you.

I have a comment, question or concern. What do I do?

Email the Recreational Manager or the office. If the matter is urgent, we can pull coaches off the floor to deal with it.

How often do you clean your facility?

We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility, which is cleaned and disinfected by a commercial cleaning company daily. Our staff also clean the facility daily as needed. If you encounter any issues, please notify the office.

Are there changing rooms?

Yes, our change rooms are very large and have child-friendly benches to sit on. We have hooks for bags and coats, but no lockers with locks, so please do not bring valuables to the gym.  We also have two very large bathroom for parents and visitors and one is equipped with a change table. We ask that children use the gender specific change rooms when getting ready for classes. If a this is not possible due to a parent of the opposite sex coming with the child we have family size bathrooms in which to change.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, all items left behind will be kept in the Lost and Found bin. After a period of time, all items will be donated to a local charity.