Goals and Objectives:
  • To provide members the opportunity to participate in gymnastics to the fullest extent of their
    individual abilities and desires.
  • To promote physical fitness and health through the medium of gymnastics.
  • To provide the facility, equipment, coaches, and organisation to develop an extensive gymnastics program from beginners to advanced.
  • To provide information, direction, and assistance to the community educational groups wishing to observe, promote and learn gymnastics.
  • To make gymnastics a high-profile sport within the community and surrounding areas.
  • To continue our commitment to the community of Sault Ste. Marie to provide creative and innovative recreational services.
Future Goals:
  • To endeavour to educate and see the interest of the general public in the sport and continue to raise the profile of gymnastics in our community and surrounding area.
  • To be given the opportunity to host a Provincial/National competition
  • To continue to become a more self-sufficient organisation
  • To expand our programming to include all aspects of the sport of gymnastics
  • To develop athletes’ skill level and mental attitude in order to ensure success at the current level, while preparing success at the next level