It is the aim of the Sault Ste Marie Gymnastics Club to offer gymnastics programs for individuals of all ages and abilities. It is our desire to help each participant reach their desired level and full potential.

Gymnastics is a sport which involves a high degree of total body movement and coordination that has a positive carry over to all other sports and activities. Each program offered within SSMGC has a different emphasis which is directly related to the age group, physical ability, skill level, and specific goals of each program.

When you watch an accomplished gymnast in action you are witnessing perfect harmony of the mind and body. No other athlete must hone such a keen edge. A gymnast has the concentration of a chess player, the strength of a weight lifter, the balance of an aerialist, the training of a marksman, the tumbling of an acrobat, and the grace and flexibility of a ballet dancer.

Aesthetic Awareness: One of the most important areas of any gymnast’s performance is their grace, musicality, and dancing ability.

Kinesthetic Awareness: Spiritual awareness, knowing “where they are” in space is very important to a gymnast.

Physical Ability: Physical ability is a key factor to a gymnast’s success. Gymnasts gain strength, flexibility, power, and muscular endurance.

Psychological Skills: Developing an athlete’s mental and psychological abilities are very important. Gymnasts need to develop imagery skills and stress management.

The Sault Ste Marie Gymnastics Club has various competitive teams ranging from Pre-Competitive to National. Variety in our program allows us to provide the greatest good for the greatest number.