Recreational Conditioning

The Sault Ste. Marie Gymnastics has been working with Tyler Belanger
who owns 17 Barbells to create a Conditioning Program for our
Recreational Program to help the children build strength, coordination, endurance and flexibility. The children will be making use of the conditioning corner in the back of the gym as well as conditioning on the floor at various times throughout the session. In addition, our warm ups have also been enhanced to include conditioning components tailored for each age group.

Our staff has taken a workshop on how to implement and teach the proper techniques and skills needed to work with each child’s individual capabilities (both strength and weaknesses). We will be working with your children to learn squats, push-ups, rings, rope climb and building strength. They will get to use ropes, rings, weights, balls, etc.

For the Fall 2018 every child will start at our Orange Level (the foundational level). This is not a pass or fail component of program.

Your child will receive a little report at the end of the session indicating
what skills in the Conditioning Program he/she has completed. As the athletes complete the skills they will be given new skills to try as well as repetitions to strengthen skills attained. Once the Orange Level has
been completed they will move to the next level so the athletes are always being challenged. We are excited about this new component and hope that your children will enjoy it.