Feedback Survey

Dear Parent/Participant :

Please assist us by completing the following anonymous survey of our recreational gymnastics programs. The information gathered from this survey will allow us to assess our programs and activities so that we may continue to improve our services.

SSMGC Recreational Feedback Survey
1. The staff is enthusiastic about the program and teaching.
2. The staff is concerned about individual needs.
3. The staff is approachable and available on a regular basis.
4. Facility/Equipment is arranged in such as way as to create a safe environment.
5. There is an adequate amount of equipment to stimulate all ages.
6. There is sufficient space for participants to work on all/any skill safely.
7. The program is developmental in nature and conductive to learning new skills.
8. There is an adequate amount of variety creating a fun and challenging environment.
9. The participants seem to be constantly busy with activity
10. The participants are continuously learning new skills.
11. Child talks in a positive manner about the program.
12. Child looks forward to attending the class.
13. Child talks favorably about the staff.
14. The children are familiar with the rules of participation.
15. My child's skills were accurately assessed and recorded on their end of session report card.
Did the program meet your expectations?
Would you recommend this program/activity to your friends?