Healthy Snack Nights

This competitive season we are going to continue putting together two healthy snack nights a month. Each month the parents of an assigned competitive group will have to get together to plan a healthy
snack to hand out to athletes on their break. The healthy snack evenings will run on a specific WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY of the month. This group of parents will have to volunteer their time from
6:00-7:15 on both nights of that week. You can split the days up between the parents so that not all parents are here for the two evenings.

You must provide the SAME SNACK on both nights and everything must be HEALTHY and NUT-FREE. These evenings will give you, the parents, the chance to get to know everyone in your child’s group along with getting the athletes to focus more on what a healthy snack really is.

It will be up to all the parents to communicate and plan ahead on what they will be bringing and assigning people to certain tasks.